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Professional Art Restoration:

professional art restorersPeople work diverse fields from mortgage collectors to antique restorers. Jim Chalmers and his partner Robert Rafuse are dedicated to restoring artwork to its original luster. In some cases the artwork has been neglected and exposed to humidity, which causes mold and water damage. In most cases though, the colours lose their vibrancy because the old varnish, as it ages, tends to create a brownish yellow haze over the painting. In their studio near Oak Island, Nova Scotia, Canada, the restorers use their knowledge of colour and technique to rectify the damage. The completed piece is brought back to the condition under which the artist originally intended their audience to view the artwork. Art owners ought to maintain their oil and/or acrylic painting(s) by having them cleaned professionally every 5 years. One should never attempt to clean artwork oneself as it could cause serious damage by an untrained individual.
Trained in 1975 for 10 years by Dr Robert Organ at the Royal Ontario Museum, Jim Chalmers possesses a wide range of expertise. His specialization includes Early Human Cultures, Amlash, Egyptian, Pre-Columbian, Aztec, Mayan, Oriental Screens/Tang Dynasty Pieces, fire-damaged paintings/objects and contemporary works of art. The restorers are also experts in repairing sculptures, Inuit Art and ceramics. For the past 6 years Robert Rafuse has been training under Mr Chalmers.


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