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Kingsmount Art Gallery

A photo of artwork in Kingsmount Art Gallery
Kingsmount art gallery is located on Gerrard street at the corner of Kingsmount and Gerrard since 1987. A very charming place to find all your personal or corporate art needs. The gallery specializes in personal service provided by it's co-owner Wayne Campbell with his near 20 years experience in the business.
Among the personal services custom framing is the most significant. You can get personal attention and advice in choosing the colors, mats, concepts and the overall look of the art once framed. Costing is done at the same time, so you can adjust the style to suit the cost you wish to incur. This is also a fun way to dress up favorite art pieces, as you can be a part this informal process and atmosphere.
The gallery has an extremely wide array of frames and new ones arrive each season to add to the ever growing collection already on display. It has on display already framed paintings to portray quality of framing. The framing is done on the premises, so you can see how it is done and make suggestions if required.
The showroom has original art for sale from recognised as well as upcoming talented artists, but if you have any specific requests of fine art from artists other than those displayed, the gallery will help you find it. The gallery is associated with John A Libby Fine Art, thus broadening it's range of contemporary artists and Canadian historical paintings such as the "The Group of Seven" and their Associates.
To add to this the gallery also provides the service of installation at your home or office or wherever you would like the artwork hung.
Restoration and appraisals are also services that the gallery provides. Perservation of art works in oils, paper, textiles and photographs is provided in the form of cleaning, mounting, repairing and conserving. So if you have any art that needs to be given a facelift come over, and let us have a look at it.
The gallery also displays sculpture pieces. Fibre art work pieces also adnorn it's walls. Water colors, oils, acrylics, mono prints, silk screens and photographs add a more diversified look. Take a look for yourself in person. You will enjoy and have fun.
Kingsmount Art Gallery
1879 Gerrard Street East
Toronto, Ontario
M4L 2B8
Ph (416) 463-6762
Cell (416) 587-2858

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Phone: 463-6762