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One day the trickster Badger met Bear in the woods. "Aha!" he thought, "Here comes Bear. I think I will play a trick on him."

"Hello!" he greeted the Bear. Giving the bear a birchbark cup full of water, he told him, "Come into my lodge and pour this water on the hot rocks. The hot steam from the water will change your coat of black fur to white."

Bear liked what he heard. He imagined himself with handsome white fur and took the cup from Badger and poured it on the rocks, making Bear very uncomfortable.

"Ouch!" cried out Bear, "I cannot stand it any more."
"But, Bear," Badger shouted into him from the door, "I think your fur is just beginning to change color."
Badger passed him cup after cup of water to pour on the hot rocks.
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