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Zahara Rubin

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Zahara  Rubin


The work of Israeli artist Zahara Rubin has been making inroads into the international art scene. Collectors worldwide have been introduced to, impressed by and acquired her work. Hundreds of her sculptures are on display in different places around the globe. In addition, her work has been chosen and presented to such state dignitaries as the king of Spain, the Prime Minister of Italy, the former US Minister of Defense Casper Weinberger.
With the recommendation of her teacher and mentor, the renowned Israeli sculpture, Yaacov Epstein, Zahara won an art scholarship from the Rotary Club of Israel. Since 1990, the Engel Gallery, one of Israel's most prestigious art galleries, has been showing Zahara's work at the annual Art Expo New York.
A CD of the artist's work is available by contacting the artist. (see artist's e-mail address below)

Solo Exhibitions
1972 Hakibbutz Ha'Arzi House Tel Aviv Israel
1973 Manya Bialik House Tel Aviv Israel
1976 Wilfrid Israel Museum Ha'Zorea Israel
1978 Talma Gallery Tel Aviv Israel
1979 The Book Shop Gallery London England
1982 Uri & Rami Museum Ashdot Yaakov Israel
1983 Yad Labanim Museum Tiberias Israel
1985 Meisner Gallery Hamburg Germany
1987 Tirosh Gallery Tel Aviv Israel
1989 Hotel Daniel Herzli'Ya Israel
1990 Artexpo Los Angeles USA
1991 Gosher Gallery Nethanya Israel
1991 Culture Hall Nethanya Israel
1991 Artexpo New York USA
1992 The Tower Tel Aviv Israel
1994 Engel Gallery Tel Aviv Israel
1995 Artexpo New York USA
1996 Moria Dead Sea Israel
1997 Engel Gallery Jerusalem Israel
1998 Moria Eilat Israel
1999 Artexpo Miami USA

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Category: Sculptures


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