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Yehan Wang

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Yehan  Wang


Yehan's contemporary paintings have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in galleries and museums throughout China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and North America. He immigrated to Canada from Shanghai, China in 1995.
To him, art is a partnership in design and color. He uses these aspects to create images in which the process takes precedent. Nothing is more exhilarating than spreading paint over the canvas with large, expressive strokes.
He starts from the simplest way to reach the richest effects. His goal is to stay as close to the edge as possible---to keep that sense of organic happening, as if the painting had grown itself rather than having been crafted by him. Yet it is the artist's eye, which seeks to prevail--telling the hand to add that last brush stroke which makes it all happen.
He is inspired by many influential artists include particularly Joan Miro and Wassily Kandinsky. Both of these artists used energy in ways to change how we look at art. As his mature, more and more of his work reflect personal experience. From that experience He see himself striving to achieve his own sense of expression.

12/1996 Completed Computer Graphics Design/Art Courses at George Brown College.
10/1991 Graduated from Shanghai University, Fine Art College. (BA Degree)
04/1984 Completed two-year courses of Art Design in Shanghai JiaoTong University.

Ontario Society of Artists

Selected Exhibition
05/2001 Solo Exhibition at J. Proctor Gallery, Seaside, Florida. U.S.A.
05/2001 Uxbridge Celibration of the Arts Juried Exhibition 2001, Uxbridge Ontario
01/2001 "Drawing 2001" John B. Aird Gallery Juried Exhibition 2001, Toronto
11/2000 Grimsby Public Art Gallery Juried Exhibition 2000, Grimsby Ontario
11/2000 26th Annual One of a Kind Christmas Art Exhibition, Toronto
07/2000 The 39th Annual Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto.
05/2000 "YONGE At ART" Group Show at 680 Yonge St, Toronto
01/2000 Art Group Show at Gallery 1313, Toronto
07/1999 The 38th Annual Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto.
10/1998 Solo Show at "50 Cumberland", downtown Toronto.
07/1998 The 37th Annual Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto.
12/1997 Solo Exhibition at "Village Arcade", Yorkville, Toronto.
07/1997 The 36th Annual Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto
10/1996 Group Show at Gallery 104, 104 Scollard St., Toronto.
10/1992 Selected Group Show at "The First 1990?s Art Biannual Exhibition" at GuangZhou Art Gallery, China.

Awards and Grants
10/1992 Illustration, title: Figure No.3) honored "The Gold Award" at "The First 1990?s Art Biannual Exhibition" in GuangZhou, China.
04/1986 Etching work (title: Unlimited) honored "The Silver Award" at "The First Shanghai Youth Arts Exhibition" in Shanghai, China.

Exhibition Reviews/Articles
03/2001 Work published on "agenda" Magazine. Cover of spring issue. (Visual arts Ontario's quarterly trade publication) in Toronto.
01/2001 Work specially introduced by Fairchild TV Leisure Talk channel for 30 minutes, (Jan. 26) in Toronto.
11/2000 Work (title: Bug) published by "eye" magazine (weekly) page 66 Nov.9th 2000, Toronto
04/1998 Work (title: D-002, B-039, C-052) published by "95-97 Year Record of Chinese Art Collection", Pp.62, illus.
01/1998 Work specially introduced by CFMT, Toronto TV channel; work showed on CFMT?s "Culture Club" for ten minutes, (January 10, 1998) in Toronto.
01/1997 Advertising illustration, (title: Dragon) published on World Journal (Daily News) Chinese Newspaper, A-1, illus. (January 09, 1997), Toronto.
11/1996 Work was introduced and published on World Journal (Daily News) Chinese Newspaper, B-7, illus. (November 12, 1996), Toronto.
12/1995 Work published on "94-95 Year Record of Chinese Art Collection", pp. 18, illus.
12/1994 Work published on "93-94 Year Record of Chinese Art Collection", pp. 157, illus.
12/1993 Work published on "92-93 Year Record of Chinese Art Collection", pp. 17, illus.
10/1992 "Wang Yihui's Barehanded Arts" published by Maisond?editions Quailed in Hong Kong.
05/1992 Work specially introduced by "Art & Market No.8" magazine, pp. 50, illus. in China.
04/1987 Work introduced by "Shanghai Culture & Art Weekly" newspaper, pp. 4, (April 24, 1987) in Shanghai, China.
06/1986 Work published on "Fine Art in China" newspaper, pp.8, illus. (June 10, 1986) In Beijing, China.

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Category: Paintings

Media:Acrylic on Canvas

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