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Yusif Guseynov

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Yusif  Guseynov


Yusif Guseynov was born in 1945 in the capital of Azerbaijan - Baku.
In 1970 he graduated from the Technical Artists University named after A. Akim-Zade.

Creative personality of Yusif Guseynov is inseparablfrom theatre and cinematography. After graduating in 1979 from the artistic faculty of the Tashkent Theatrical-Artistic Institute named after K. Bekhzada. Guseynov defended his diploma by making sketches for the play, "Faust" and as a future student, worked as an assistant artist in shooting films "Ali-baba and the Forty Thieves" by El Fayziev and "That was in Kokand" by Nazarov. His teachers were famous masters: Hingiz Ahmarov, A. Kalantarov and G. Brim. When he is speaking about himself and about his Profession he says: "Cinematograph stages trucking me with rhythm. I got a crush on a large scale, with dynamic accordant with the time and cinematograph backslides and I had loved the mystery of theatre. I was keen with theatre because it was for me a mystery, I don't know theatre. An artist can actualise in her more multilaterally and deeply. The Curtain is up and your work is seen. The spectator sees what the artist wanted to show him, not only the stage." Theatre ring commanding in pictorial art of the artist to be enthusiastic about mystery of theatre, like ballet-that why that in the all his works and is corollary and continuance of him scenic and cinematograph workers.

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Category: Paintings

Media:Oil on Canvas

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