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Yannis Dendrinos

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Yannis was born in Athens, Greece in 1978. He lives with his family in Zaire, Africa where he gets his first influence from the local African art. He finds his interest in metal sculpture and makes artworks by using automobile's spare parts. He studies automation and robotics in Athens in order to create artwork with motion. (kinetic Art) Most of his work involves movement and constructivism. His sculptures reveal the fusion of the classical with contemporary urban materials and concepts. There exists the skillful adaptation of found objects to convey a strong sense of purpose, structure and form. His sculptures are exhibited in galleries in Greece and in private collections.

Jan 2000 Aenaon Gallery, Athens - Solo exhibition - Motorbikes
Sept 2000 Skiathos Island Art Hall - Team exhibition - Metal Alchemies
May 2001 Municipal Theatre of Dafni, Athens - Solo exhibition - Metal Alchemies II
Sept 2001 Muncicipal Pinacotheque, Corfu Island, Team exhibition, Poetry and Painting
Feb 2002 Municipal Freedom Park, Athens Team exhibition, Poetry and Painting
August 2003 Cultural Center of Skiathos Island, Solo exhibition

Artist statement
I found my interest in metal sculpture, since my young age while I worked with my father in his workshop. It was easy for me to learn and use all the technical tools and materials that transform metal. On the other hand, my studies in automation systems, a pure technical education, allow me to "marry" metal art and movement in order to create mobile sculptures. Many famous and talented artists have created in kinetic art such as Tinguely. I find very interesting kinetic art because it provides me with one more dimension (movement) which gives a "theatrical" aspect in sculptures and art. Therefore, the effort that is made to transform a sculpture into a kinetic object is a very creative activity.

Other Information

Category: Sculptures


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