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Vera Zegerman

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Vera  Zegerman


Vera Zegerman (1957, Holland) was for many years active with drawing, painting and designing clothes. In 1995 she found in clay the material in which her creative ideas could be expressed at best.

In 1995-1997 she studied in Leiden (Holland) the technical aspects of working with ceramic materials.

Organic, natural shapes often inspire her work. All objects are hand-formed and unique. In all her work you see dedication and care for details; in every object se puts a piece of her soul.

After a process with several stages in which many objects are lost, the results is unique, numbered pieces. Vera can hardly set them free. As part of the separation process she gives every object a hand-written certificate with an own message.

2004: Galerie Hang, Amsterdam: 4 april t/m 31 mei 2004.
Imprint Art Gallery, Deventer: 10 april t/m 10 mei 2004.
Menmoerhoeve, Etten-Leur: 24 t/m 27 juni 2004.
2003 - 2004: De Lindenburgh, Steenbergen.
Menmoerhoeve, Etten-Leur.
?{Galerie van de Leidschendamse Kunstenaars Vereniging, Leidschendam.
1998: participant of the competition "Passie in de polder" (passion in the polder), Galerie Rijlaarsdam, Nieuwkoop, Holland.
1998 - 2000: Galerie 1C, The Haque, Holland.
2003: Galerie LKV, Leidschendam, Holland.

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Category: Ceramics


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