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Vladimir Nasonov

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Vladimir Nasonov was born in 1962 in Russia. After graduation from high school, Nasonov served for two years in the Russian Army where his natural artistic abilities were used to support the activities of the Russian Army. Nasonov painted advertising posters to promote and enhance the image of the Russian Army and in the process discovered a deep desire to study to become a painter.
Nasonov found it necessary to support himself by working as a machinist in a factory as he began to study art and to paint. Even though his artistic talent was recognized, Nasonov was directed into an athletic pursuit for his country and became a successful professional soccer player.
While enjoying his success as an athlete, Nasonov was learning what he most desired was to become a great artist. Self education in the history and techniques of great artists became his true passion.
Nasonov visited the Pushkin and Hermitage Museums and the National Tretjakov Gallery. Elja Repim, Surikov and Vasnemmzov along with other 19th century artists inspired Nasonov as he discovered their abilities to capture the beauty and character of their subjects. Nasonov worked hard at this easel as he taught himself to master various traditional techniques.

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Category: Paintings

Media:Oil on Canvas

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