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Susana Zohar

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Born 1946 Timisoroa Romania
1964/65 university of physical education Romania
1965 immigrates to Israel
1966/68 studies at Vingate institute takes part of the Israeli National gymnastic team
1970/72 study at the Accademia di belle arti di Bolongia
1979/84 study at the Royal Academy of Dance and becomes a ballet teacher
1995 sculpture with Kim litvak from Odessa
1988/2001 "Basis" sculpture school in Israel

1998 one person exhibition private gallery
1999 "hands" group exhibition by the Basis school
2001 "childhood" exhibition at "mishkn omanuoit ha bama" in Tel-Aviv

2001 1st place at medal competition. First prize for a medal in honor of Marion Marini and Hokusai.

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Category: Sculptures


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