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Stephen Scott

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Born in Saint John, his formative years spent in Fredericton, Stephen Scott began art studies at the Ontario College of Art for one year before returning to New Brunswick to complete his training at Mount Allison University. He graduated with a fine arts degree in 1978.
His early paintings in egg tempera asserted his exceptional proficiency as a painter and a sensibility that cast the New Brunswick landscape under a dark, brooding mantle. This haunting tension between natural and inhabited environment has continued in his work, albeit he now prefers the oil medium in painting. With equal skill and ease he has reflected a more luminous side to his vision in the transparent medium of watercolors. Likewise, figure drawings, (quick studies often scaled to life-size), demonstrated more than assurance between eye and hand, but also an ability to expose personality in the sitters' likeness. Such solid traditional artistic grounding and technical virtuosity is not practiced for its own sake, however. It simply provides Scott with a way and means of probing below the surfaces of his subjects opening perceptions that respond to emotional vulnerabilities and a dialogue of ideas on a symbolic, spiritual level. This interior resonance characterizes his major themes, including landscapes, still life, and figures.
The figure within the landscape, for example, must be considered not simply as a visage, but in its harmonious relationship with the surroundings articulated in gesture, form, and colors. The subdued dark range of his preferred palette sustains a sense of mystery, even melancholy. It also suggests the subtle influences Stephen Scott has absorbed from the great masters, whose work he has studied during several scholarship sponsored study and work trips to Europe, notably Antwerp (Belgium) and Gotland (Sweden).

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Category: Paintings

Media:Oil on Canvas

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