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Shoshanna Levitt

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Shoshanna  Levitt


Clearly articulating my personal philosophy regarding the meaning of art is extremely challenging. To me, art is a way of expressing myself in ways that would be otherwise impossible. For me, painting is an animated outlet allowing me the ability to release all my emotions and passions without trully giving away all my hidden or untold secrets. I can't exactly rationalize the way I paint and explain precisely why I used a specific brush or mixed a particular colour in a certain way. My paintings clearly depict the way I feel, and most often my feelings are quite temperamental and impulsive which results in very diverse and unpredictable compositions. My paintings range from abstract expressionism to geometrical to representational work. I am consistently inconsistent regarding my themes, yet my style is quite distinct.

Living in Toronto has provided me the opportunity to meet and experience very different yet amazing people. I have extended and integrated the diversities and changes of Toronto into my work, conceptualizing my work through the community. My environment, surroundings, relationships, school and work constantly inspire me, which perpetually affects the way I paint.
In 1995 I was accepted into York University's Fine Arts Honour's Program. I am presently at Queens University completing a post-graduate degree. I have been painting for over 15 years and have recently decided to share my work with others. I have traveled extensively through Europe and the States visiting Galleries and Museums admiring the works of many artists that I am in awe of.

The purpose of my work is not for me to interpret my art for others, but to allow viewers the opportunity to interpret my art for them. My titles to my paintings provide some guidance to forming an impression of my work, but my aim is to allow people to create the meaning of my work for them. Thus, there is no right or wrong way to translating or understanding my work. The feelings that are evoked and injected into each painting may emanate various emotions. Its up to the viewer to retract which emotions they desire from my work. Each time one sees my paintings they may very easily observe and draw in different sensations and emotions. Art is very subjective and meaningful, and my art is meant to be interpreted independently and individually by each person. The colours provide additional guidance for interpreting my work, but the rest is up to you.

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