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Robert Carley

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Robert  Carley


Robert Carley was born in Regina, Saskatchewan (Canada) in 1940. In 1943 the family moved to Vancouver, British Columbia. In Robert?s early teens he immersed himself in music and voice training.

In 1960 Robert auditioned for The Royal Conservatory of Music and The Faculty of Music Opera School in Toronto, Ontario (Canada). He was awarded a scholarship and graduated in 1965.

For the next two decades Robert performed with the Canadian Opera Company, Stratford on Avon, C.B.C. television, C.B.C radio, E.T.V. television, C.F.T.O. television, numerous television commercials and industrial shows. His talent has covered all venues of theatre, television, film and radio as a singer/actor before devoting himself entirely to painting.

His paintings are works of an artist working at the height of his creativity. Carley approaches his work boldly and aggressively with a bright palette and a liberal use of paint, trying not to control the work as it progresses but to be part of its creation. His work speaks for itself, electrifying and unforgettable.

Recent Exhibitions and Shows

Solo Exhibitions
Gallery on The Bay - 2005 - Hamilton, ON
Juten Gallery - 2003 - Toronto, ON
Juten Gallery - 2002 - Toronto, ON
Juten Gallery - 2001 - Toronto, ON
The Palate Room/ Sky Dome2000 Toronto, ON
Michelangelo Gallery - 2000 - Toronto, ON
Raymond Lawrence Gallery2001 - Atlanta, GA
Raymond Lawrence Gallery2000 - Atlanta, GA
Raymond Lawrence Gallery1999 - Atlanta, GA
Marba Gallery - 1998 - Fredericton NB
Wellers Gallery - 1989 - Toronto, ON
Gallery 306 - 1988 - Toronto, ON
Gallery 306 - 1987 - Toronto, ON
Bamboo Club - 1986 - Toronto, ON
University of Guelph - 1983 - Guelph, ON

Group Exhibitions:
Gallery on the Bay - 2004Hamilton,ON
Gallery Gevik - Abstract Group Exhibition - 2004Toronto,ON
featuring Robert Carley, Harold Town, Pierre Patry, William Ronald, Michael Forester and Karo Alexanian International Artexpo - 2002New York, NY
Toronto International Art Fair - 2001 Toronto, ON
McMichael Autumn Art Show - 2001 Kleinburg, ON
Meier?Naef Gallery - 2001 - Toronto, ON
National Ballet of Canada Art Show - 2000 - Toronto, ON
Canadian Opera Art Show - 2001 - Toronto, ON
Canadian Opera Art Show - 2000 - Toronto, ON
Canadian Opera Art Show - 1999 - Toronto, ON
Ward Nasse Gallery - 1998 - New York, N.Y.
Arts and Letters Club - 1985 - Toronto, ON
Del Bello Gallery - 1984 - Toronto, ON
Creemore Art Gallery - 1984 - Creemore, ON

Lewis Odette - Toronto, Ontario
Lady Greene - London, England
Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Tenenbaum - Toronto, Ontario
Mr. & Mrs. H. Maksylewich - Brampton, Ontario
Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Boorne - Toronto, Ontario
Mr & Mrs Douglas Edwards - Toronto, Ontario
University of Windsor - Windsor, Ontario
Atlanta Opera Company - Atlanta, Georgia
Rise Soft Tools Inc. - Toronto, Ontario

Other Information

Category: Paintings

Media:Acrylic on Canvas

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