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Roger Beaudry

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Roger  Beaudry


This Cape Breton native gets his inspiration from the breathtaking rugged western coast of the Highlands National Park as well as the brilliant seasonal colours of its flora. Starting his portfolio in 1995, Roger Beaudry met this challenge of detail, proportion and nuance with an almost limitless patience and skill. Gifted with a vivid imagination and pencil in hand almost since infancy, he created fantasy drawings and storylines in his earlier years, while nurturing and developing this talent to the striking detail and proportion we see today with these landscapes. Studies in Graphic design and related courses in Retail Merchandising Sciences have allowed this artist experience in retail art equipment and materials for several years in Montreal, then in Toronto until returning to Nova Scotia in May 1998.
He is a member of both the Inverness County Council Of The Arts and of Visual Artists of Nova Scotia. (VANS), and has works featured on its website.
In 1998, Beaudry was showcased in an hour-long documentary for a Cape Breton cable channel. His work, the painstaking process to achieve artistic harmony, and the landscape that continues to inspire it were magnificently woven together to tell a story of the timeless interaction of nature and craft.
Now living in Halifax, he shares this love of his home Cape with his wife Lori, a clinical psychologist, author and landscape photographer.
"I wish to express a spiritual connection by capturing the mysticism and majesty of these mountains under which I came to be. I am also eternally grateful for my ability to witness and emulate this splendour......" Roger Beaudry 1999

Recent Exhibitions and Shows

3 pieces in the St. Mary's Art Exhibit
An exhibit entitled "Hands Dancing 2000" will be on display at the Inverness County Council of the Arts Inverness Miners Museum, Inverness, Lower Railway Street Sunday, July 16 - Saturday, September 2, 2000.
Montreal, 1993 - Le Galerie de l'Artiste Connu et Inconnu Display of Fantasy characters in colour pencil
Cheticamp, Cape Breton, 1998 - Larade's Gallery & Book Shop - Landscape prints.
Halifax, 1999 - Art Sales & Rental Gallery - Original pencil colour landscapes.
Toronto 2000 - International KTV - Celebrity Cookbook cover design (for charity).
Various private collections in the U.S. and Canada.

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Category: Drawings

Media:Color Pencil on Vellum Board

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