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Robert Aswani

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Date and Place of Birth:
Robert was born in 1971 in the Western Province of Kenya
Educational Background:
He attended elemetary school and high school but has had no formal education in art and is a self-taught artist
Mediums in which he works:
Watercolours, inks and acrylics
Materials that he works on:
Canvas and watercolour paper
Styles he uses to paint:
Abstract and Impressionism
Why he took up painting:
Robert has enjoyed painting ever since he was young. He remembers drawing diagrams on the blackboard at the request of his teachers who recognized his talent. The rural and informal marketplaces that he would visit as a young boy with his mother were an early inspiration for him. "The market place is full of life, colour and the closeness of people,"says Aswani, "The intermingling of people in these informal places provides me with the excitement to paint."

Other Information

Category: African Art

Media:Watercolor and Ink

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