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Pedro Da Silva

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Pedro  Da Silva


Joaquim Marques (Pedro) da Silva, 24 years old, was born in Lisbon Portugal. At young age he started a study of art. At 17 years after passing many test, he started to work for CEARTE (centre of handicrafts Coimbra) in the main art centre AVEIRO. He was educted in art by old masters Joao Calisto and Fernando Jose, who specialised in decorating tiles. Visiting Portugal you see everywhere beautifull decorated tiles on the houses. Also got painting lessons from famous Portuges artist and friend Jose Monteiro.

After that he studied different branches of art. He made various tableaux (tiles) for clients in Portugal, France, Germany and as special order for the palace of the president of Angola (former colony of Portugal). At the moment he paints in oil on canvas. He is developping his own style , modern surrealistic and becomes more and more popular. Art is like faith, as is my life. What I feel in my heart, is what I paint.

Main education:
1996/97 courses of decorating tiles with motives of 15-19C and modern art.
1997 working in small tile company for special order of president of Angola
1999 independent artist developing his own style.

- 1999 Municipal Gallery in Ilhavo-Aveiro, Portigal
ceramic exhibition in Farav. Portugal resulting in orders for clients in France, Germany and Portugal
- 2002 Congress centre of Aveiro Portugal
Art compitition in Museum Municipal of Republic in Aviero
- 2003 Menmoerhoeve Etten Leur Netherlands
Antiek-Passage, Rotterdam
- 2004 Gallery "De Vuurvogel" Hilversum, Netherlands

- 2004 art-critic in newspaper "De Ster" Netherlands

Other Information

Category: Paintings

Media:Oil on Canvas

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