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Noah Schwartz

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Noah  Schwartz


I see art as a process which embodies sensations, perception expression. For any art form to be created, this process is manipulated by the individual artist.
Sensation is the gathering done by our eyes, ears skin, nose and tongue.
A Scottish philosopher David Hume believes that if a person was born devoid of all senses and lived for a number years, then that person would not have a single thought in his /her head. Humc 's philosophy makes complete sense in logical terms, but there is something very mystical about the brain which cannot be comprehended by logic. This mystery is what motivates a part of my love of art.
I feel as though the pupil of my eye is the gateway to an unknown realm and in that realm there are lands that have not been navigated by my perception.
Formulating all the information that one's senses gather is perception. Every person has a different perception of what the senses gather but there is a mysterious perception that is common in all artists. I'eople have a hard time defining this perception so they call it being artistic. For example in Picasso's blue period, he used the tone of the colour blue to set the mood of his painting.
Expression is the means through which an artist shows what he/shc is sensing ancl perceiviny A rtists have exprcssed themselves in mans ways over the history of time from pictographs on cave walls to Andy Warhol's Campbell's soup cans. Expression is a means through which people see the artist's perception and feelings about his/her environment. Expression is the ultimate product of an artist's work.
The quality of an artist's work is hard to determine. Who should pass judgement on what is good or bad artist. Although one can pass judgement on who is a good or had artist. I feel that a bad artist closes his/her mind to hasnny new perceptions of his/her environment which makes it impossible for new perceptions to be incorporated in the artist's work. A good artist is one who like a sponge absorbs everything the senses gather to enlighten his/her perception for a revolutionary piece of artwork.

When we cocoon the earth
The moth will eat
our umbrella
the umbrella
will fall to ash
the moth
rolls on the cocoon
no grave
restless sleep

Noah Schwartz was educated in Sydney Nova Scotia.
He studied af the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and the Ontario, College of Art and Design. Currently, he lives and works in Toronto.

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Category: Mixed Media

Media:Mixed Media/Acrylic

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