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Nii Lartey

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Nii Lartey De Osu is a self-taught artist whose journey began where some of the earliest evidence of human expression has been found, Africa. Witnessing a culture both ancient and modern in his native Ghana, Nii Lartey experienced revolutionary change and declarations of independence from old world empires, such as England, where he also spent considerable time. As a teenager, he immigrated to the United States to live with his father, a university biochemist. Exposure to dramatically different ways of life led him to seek common grounds in art, through which he reconciles himself in relation to the world. Fascinated by systems of mythology, philosophy and religion, he feels it is the artist?s duty to make use of the rich inheritance of their symbols and language in a prophetic sense, by personal efforts of reconstruction. Inspired by the discovery of "perspective" in medieval painting, which created unprecedented realism that heralded a renaissance in all disciplines of study. He describes a prophetic process of "Neo-illusionism" as a method of gathering the fragments of a vision shattered by modern discoveries of multiple perspectives and the relativity of matter into a transcendent unity of real and imagined. Nii Lartey lives in Seattle and is working on founding a school of "Neoillusionism."

Previous projects and write ups:

1996 "Cassandra: Vision Song of Dance, a Romance" Feature length performance/ritual about the life of Cassandra of Troy, based on poetry of Sylvia Plath, ancient religious texts and the philosophy of Fredrick Nietsczhe

1997 "The Sat" Outdoor performance installation based on the sacred geometry and nine muses. Corner of Yesler Way and First Avenue, Seattle

1998 Commissioned to paint a bar-top at the Last Supper Club, Seattle WA

1998 Founded Odeum Gallery in association with the Last Supper Club, Seattle

2000 Art Therapy Project: Commissioned by Darren and Lynn Smith to paint their daughter Megan, who is undergoing treatment for leukemia.

Nii Lartey has exhibited his work in Seattle restaurants and nightclubs. Published articles in Raleigh News and Observer, the Spectator (Raleigh), Seattle Times, The Stranger.

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Category: Drawings

Media:charcoal drawing

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