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Vladimir Nikolov

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I'm painting for fun, it is my lovely hobby and I find a peace of mind in the painting. I like to paint mainly people in motion, I generally try to get the motion, that moment. besides I like the symbols. Some of them I know what they mean, but most of the time I don't know and just leave my hand to draw... it is interesting to see after the painting is created the details that you don't know that exist... People see different things in my pictures and it is very funny... most of my paintings I don't know how they will be, before I start to paint them. The style is such because pencils give me the freedom to put details into and to draw exact lines. Recently I bought acrylic and my style was changed. You can see this in the picture "the dragon". More paintings are coming up and if you have any question - come on! E-mail me

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Category: Drawings

Media:Pencil on Paper

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