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Nyna Cropas

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Nyna  Cropas


Cropas has been active on the arts scene in Nova Scotia for the past twenty-three years as both a producer and an activist. Her exhibitions history goes back to 1976 and the days of the Maritime Art Association (now defunct). She has served on various Boards, Committees, and juries for provincial and regional arts associations (Canadian Artists' Representation, Visual Arts Nova Scotia, Annapolis Region Community Arts Council, Nova Scotia Art Bank), and was instrumental in helping to establish a federally funded public gallery (Artist-Run Centre) in Annapolis Royal, NS. She is currently working on a series of large constructions for a solo show at Acadia Univiersity Art Gallery to open in the Spring of 2001.

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Description of the Work
"The five works currently on site are from a series titled Cities on Mars.ang. Viewers often ask me to explain this title. "Why Cities?, and, why Mars?" they ask; and "what the heck does .ang stand for?" The clue to reading my work is to look for underlying principles. Cities are structures of collective will and cooperative planning. Some cities have an exoskeletal presence in three-dimensional space; others do not. Mars, the 'next' planet, was named for the Roman god of farming, tilling, and war - the god, in other words, of aggressive and expansive technologies. The suffix .ang is less obvious: I added that to differentiate between this series and my original Cities on Mars series, which had different characteristcs - .ang simply means "a 'nother generation." Which would be too cute by half if the combination of letters a-n-g did not also relate to the prefix angio-,which refers to the vascular system. For, these works are about the vascular system of the supraorganism of which individual humans are the living, working cells." (Nyna Cropas)
Cropas's signature medium is a fibre/acrylic amalgam, which means acrylic binder (a combination of modeling paste, impasto gel and matte medium) with a cellulose fibre 'fill'. This is an idiosyncratic and innovative use of media unique to her practice.

Recent and Upcoming Exhibitions
pending Spring 2001: solo show, Acadia University Art Gallery
Fall 2000: Far & Wide 2000: THRESHOLDS, collaborative works curated by Kay Stanfield Art Gallery Nova Scotia Western Branch, Yarmouth, NS
1998-9 Far & Wide: Visual Arts Nova Scotia's Biennial Juried Exhibition, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax, NS; Travelling.
1997 Watch This Space: Dynamic Use of Space/ Interactive Exhibition, ARTsPLACE, Annapolis Royal, NS
SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED: Carol Collicutt & Nyna Cropas, ARTsPLACE, Annapolis Royal, NS Far & Wide: Visual Arts Nova Scotia's Biennial Juried Exhibition, University College of Cape Breton, Sydney, NS
1996 Far & Wide: Visual Arts Nova Scotia's Biennial Juried Exhibition, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax, NS
Visual Arts Nova Scotia Valley 2A Regional Exibition, Macdonald Museum, Middleton, NS
1995 COLLECTIVE VIEWING: Selections from the Art Bank of Nova Scotia 1975-1995, St. Mary's U.A.G. Halifax, NS
The Founders? Show - then & now: ArtsPlace, Annapolis Royal, NS
Artists' Garden Project: Annapolis Arts Festival XII, Annapolis Royal, NS
1994 Far & Wide: Visual Arts Nova Scotia's Biennial Juried Exhibition, Dartmouth Heritage Museum, Dartmouth, NS
1993 SUBJECT/MATTER: Contemporary Painting and Sculpture in Nova Scotia
a selection, curated by Robin Metcalfe, circulated by the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia
1992 Ladies in Waiting, King's Theatre, Annapolis Royal, NS
SUBJECT/MATTER: Contemporary Painting and Sculpture in Nova Scotia
curated by Robin Metcalfe, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax, NS

1999 Nova Scotia Arts Council creation grant: Cloaking Devices
Nova Scotia Arts Council research grant: Blackshirts project, sound production
1995 Winner, Artists' Garden Project, Annapolis Arts Festival XII
Best in Show: ARCAC Arts Festival Exhibition, Annapolis Arts Festival XII
1990 Exhibition Assistance Grant, Nova Scotia Department of Tourism and Culture
1978 Purchase Prize, Maritime Art Association 42nd Anniversary Exhibition
1976 Honorable Mention, Maritime Art Association 40th Anniversary Exhibition

Nova Scotia Art Bank
Art Gallery of Nova Scotia
private collections in North America, U.K., Europe, Japan

Annapolis Region Community Arts Council, founding member since 1982
Chairwoman 1982-3; 1991-92
Exhibitions 1995 and 1999
Art Gallery of Nova Scotia member since 1984
Canadian Artists Representation member since 1984
Regional Representative/Executive Committee, CAR/NS 1993-94
Visual Arts Nova Scotia member since 1977
Board of Directors 1985-88
Chairwoman 1988-89

Other Information

Category: Mixed Media

Media:Mixed Media/Acrylic

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