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Domenico Cassara

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Domenico Cassara, Asmara (Etiopia) 3/9/1952, is an Italian painter.
He lives and works in Palermo (Italy). Hls paintings are present in several private and public collections in Italy and abroad. Critical notes: By Giusi Bertini
According to the biographical data on the Sicilian painter furnished by Luigi Vinci, Cassara "began painting with a spirit of emulation and admiration for the best Flemish tradition, which, Sicilian though he is, allowed him to break away from a certain Mediterranean air." It's right that the lesson of the Flemish remained a lesson and that DomeniCo Cassara moves from detail to the enlargement particulars, from the terse and compact surfaces of the painting film to the evident traces of the spatula on the colour.
Though in some respects approaching, in his still-lifes, the hyper-realism of the eighties, he moves away from it though his technique and the informal use of colour, as appears wholly evident in the seascapes. The extreme velocity and casualness of execution often take form away from form, which is modelled on the dark backgrounds of scorched lands through subsequent strokes of colour taken away from colour. This is the paradox of the spatula technique: denying painting that which makes it painting, or so to speak proceeding through addition. Something similar happens with the water colour technique." Ennemis du souvenir/Ennemis du desir/ Ennemis du regret/ Ennemis des larmes/ Ennemis de tout ce que j'aime ancore. (Guillame Apollinaire) Loving art: naturally, Domenico Cassara can hear inside himself the voice of art.

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