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Marina Zajkova

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Marina Zajkova is a floral artist. She developed an exclusive technology (the patent is received) which allows to fix vegetative materials on any surface (a tree, glass, a fabric, metal) so , that they do not collapse from a moisture, heat or light.
Marina Zajkova has finished theoretical musical branch of the Kirov school of arts, art criticism faculty of the Ural university.
She has worked on an experimental program on developing training under the motto " To improvise, to play " on which subsequently was engaged with children in her own studio of aesthetic education.
The vital philosophy defines as aspiration to perfection in the widest - human - sense of this word. " My principles: in all to imitate the Creator, to love a life and to be happy ",
She aspires to be a "remarkable" person, as she interested in all around her. Her creative credo is to create harmony from chaos .

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Category: Glass Art


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