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Mahua Ray

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"I have painted for as long as I can remember. My favourite time of the year as a child, was the summer holidays when my mother would take me to the stationers to stock up on drawing materials. I would spend entire summer drawing and painting", says artist Mahua. She has come a long way from those summers. Through five precious years spent in Birla Academic of Art in Calcutta acquiring the technical expertise to back her love for painting. Her mother and husband, Mr. Amit Ray, Vice President- Media, Mudra Communications Ltd., nudge her on to her career as an artist and once she started there was no looking back.

"I cannot let a day pass without painting", says Mahua. Her paints go everywhere with her.

"My work makes me a recluse", she says. "Who knows when inspiration will strike". I hate to have my creative process interrupted and end-up staying at home reading, painting and my own things.

About her work she says, "would describe my work as realistic impression, style and in a sense - Neo-classic. The themes are old with modern rendering". Eyes are the windows of the soul and the impression of god in Mahuas painting have powerful stroke, speed, beautiful eyes and depth.

She favours charcoal and water colours which give a lot of body depth to the images. Earth colours and neutrals, specially black with charcoal her favourites.

For Mahua, painting is a personal and individual endeavour. "The artist paints in isolation and viewers in isolation - so it a direct interaction. Sometime it works and sometimes it's not. According to her art does not have to be understood - as long as it evokes a reaction, it has full filled its purpose.

The work I do reflects my growth, since I draw inspiration from mundane every day experiences that strike within me - quote, a line from a song, anything. Dreamer, she feels the human mind has evolved far beyond the body, still so basic in its needs. "The human mind can travel distances the body cannot. She always travels on ... thinking and painting.

In the past she has painted against order mostly on industrialist's request for their office & residence after passing out from Birla School of Art in Calutta in 1981.

She has participated in private shows in Pune, Mumbai & Delhi and recently was selected to take part in the 'Society Collection Exhibition' conducted by Magna Publishing Group in Bangalore.

Ganesha, an unique god, is the guardian and protector of human endeavor. In Hindu mythologies the elephant faced god is the creator preserver, a symbol of truth at one end while a destroyer of evil at the other. He is self eternal.

Growing up with these philosophical godliness of Ganesha, painter Mahua was also enchanted by the divine power in the aesthetic forms of "Ganapati" (leader of the "Ganas"). She has let her impressionist mind traverse through the boundaries of limitless forms of Ganesha mixing philosophy with impressionism. Her intense analytical mind flows feely with her forma always adding further dimensions to her paintings. "My family is my canvas and the daily happenings provide me the ingredients to colour it wild".

The memories of Birla Academy of Arts, Calcutta, still fresh in her mind, she has been blessed with accolades from the famous sculptor Mr. Debiprosad Roychowdhury and many more.

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Category: Mixed Media

Media:Mixed media on paper

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