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Michael Marcon

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Michael  Marcon


Like many artists I spent lots of time drawing when I was younger. Inspired by architecture, fantasy and science fiction illustration, and environmental art I took up painting in high school and focused more on art in general. I graduated from Altoona High School, Wisconsin in 1996 and in 1997 with a fairy decent size body of work I enrolled in the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. For the next three years my efforts where focused on more conceptual art with an autobiographical sense. Inspired by surrealism my art overall became experimental in expression and medium. My mixed media work involved collage, drawing, painting, assemblage, and photography. Always undecided on whether I should focus more on my illustration I decided to continue my fine art and I returned to painting with an emphasis on landscapes. In May 2002 I will graduate with a BFA from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.
Artist Statement
In general my art has always been about a fascination with other places as well as the intimate spaces in our lives and imaginations. Sometimes I try to reconcile internal and external worlds in my art. I have found that I can explore this in a landscape that seems to be dislocated from time and place. Overall I have always felt that art should evoke a sense of wonder, this can be obtained by experiencing and creating something that can be familiar yet new at the same time, a uncertain point between tradition and the ethereal. With my art I seek to tap into universal and old sensations that surface from the unconscious in fragments and impressions.
Painting from memory, imagination, observation, and references I create places which exaggerate light, space, and time. Through this process I seek to provoke deferent feelings and experiences that can create wonderful atmospheres. I also have found that simple themes of life can contain great emotional value but as an artist I need to re-communicate these things to create a new awareness of the visual world. Art at its basic level should exist to demonstrate the endless imaginative and experienced places in our lives.

Recent Exhibitions and Shows

1995-high school exhibit-London Square Mall, Eau Claire, WI
1996-received "Most Artistic" from graduation
1997-received porfolio scholarship, Minneapolis College of Art and Design
1997-"Arts West Wisconsin 18"-Juried exhibit, Eau Claire Library
1997-"Introspection"- Solo Exhibit, MCAD
1998-"Speculations" -Solo Exhibit, MCAD
1998-"The Circus" -Solo Exhbibit, MCAD
1999-"Arts West Wisconsin 20" received "Honorable mention"
1999-"Wedding Portraits and Still Life's" Solo Exhibit, MCAD
2000-"Mechanical Dreams" Solo Exhibit, MCAD
2002-"Domesticity"-Group Exhibit, Eau Claire Library
2002-"Glittering Summer" Solo exhibit, Espresso Expose' U of M, Mpls
2002- MCAD art sale
2000-"Interfaces"-Solo Exhibit, MCAD
2000-"Electricity and Dreams"-Solo Exhibit, MCAD
2000-"Alchemy in a Burning Brain"-Solo Exhibit. MCAD
2000-"Alchemy" (excerpts)-PLAN B Coffee Shop, Minneapolis
2000-"Mechanisms"-Solo exhibit, MCAD
2001- untitled ongoing solo exhibits, Geno's Cafe, Minneapolis
2001-"Renewed, Reused, reinvested"-Group Exhibit, Eau Claire Library
2001- "Mech World" ?Solo Exhibit, Espresso Expose", U of M, Mpls
2001- "Landscapes" -Solo Exhibit, Espresso Expose", U of M, Mpls
2001- "Northeast Amory Business Show" participant, NE Mpls
2002- "Daylights"-Solo Exhibit, Espresso Expose. U of M, Mpls
2002- "GEO"-Senior Show Exhibit, Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Other Information

Category: Paintings

Media:Acrylic on Masonite

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