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Michael Brovkin

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Michael  Brovkin


Attractive imagination painting - so criticism have characterized style of the talented Russian artist. And really extraordinary fishes and mermaids, dogs and birds are represented in his last collection of paintings. The plot of each painting shine an unusual glow where paints play as the rainbow. The artist has created the unique style which cannot be compared to anybody!

Michael was born on January 21, 1969 in Russian city Tver'. His birthday is a first day of Aquarius. And it is the significant fact for Michael! He trusts very much that Aquarius helps him in his creativity. Michael graduated from the artists' school named Venesianova in Tver'. Michael Brovkin is the member of Professional Russia Artists Creative Union. Michael often sees the future paintings in his dream. After awakening he always tries to make sketches. Michael likes to draw when music plays very much. His paintings are the dreams which he sees and the music which he hears. His unique style - enchanting animalism - now occurs before your eyes. Real and fantastic animals in painting are shown in unusual refraction of light and shadow. Michael regularly takes part in exhibitions. Some of them:

1993-1998. American Female club in Moscow.
1995-1999. Russian-American cultural center in Moscow.
1996. Turkey.
1997. National Aero club of Russia.
1998. Hudson, state Ohio, USA.
1998. Bad Neuenahr, Germany.
1998. Personal exhibitions in Moscow.
1999. Baltimore, USA.
2000. Frankfurt, Germany.
2001. Canada.
2002. Moscow.

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Category: Paintings

Media:Oil on Canvas

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