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Inokhenthij Livitin

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Inokhenthij Livitin was born in Moscow 1957. He is a professional photographer who has replaced his camera for the brush of the artist. Inokhenthij is in continuous search of new forms to express perfection. To spread out colors on components, and then to collect them in harmony, just to create a mosaic, freakish game of color and a shadow, chiaroscuro - it is the creative credo of the artist. Only with three or four colors the artist expresses harmony and internal feeling of the models. The artist intentionally uses the minimal graphic means, leaving open space for imagination of the spectator. That is why his paintings can be examined a long time. You will always find more and more new details. As in nature each instant is unique, a landscape at different time of day is various. Thus paintings by Inokhenthij Livitin are always different. You see a new painting each time you look at it!

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Category: Paintings

Media:Acrylic on Canvas

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