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Luigi Costanzo

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Luigi  Costanzo


Originally from Scranton, Pennsylvania the 53 year-old Costanzo has been living in Nova Scotia since 1979 when he began studying for his Masters of Social Work at Dalhousie University.
To Luigi Costanzo, sculpting is not just an art -it can be hard labour.
Much like his grandfather who worked in coal mines at age fourteen, Costanzo digs and chips away at stone with heavy tools. One big difference is, the sculptor Costanzo does his work in a studio at his East Lawrencetown home on Nova Scotia's scenic Eastern Shore, not in a dark, wet tunnel.
Costanzo has created many works in wood and clay, but he has worked primarily in stone. Since the early 1980s his sculptures have been exhibited in group and solo showings throughout Nova Scotia.One of Costanzo's teachers was Alison MacNeil, a Nova Scotian portrait sculptor.
During a long stay in Mexico with his wife, Costanzo discovered the challenge of working with a stubborn chunk of onyx. "What I learned was that I if stood back to let the colouration and design of the stone naturally come through and somehow affect my design, then I grew from it as much as the sculpture growing out of the stone."
"I use the imperfections in the stone rather than throwing it away," Costanzo says. This approach reflects two convictions: "I think some of it is environmental, but again I think some of it is based on my own thinking that everything is useful and that we may learn from a negative experience which then leads to a very mentally healthy experience."
"As I work the stone, I feel as though the stone is working me. The form emerges only through co-creation."
"Sculpture, unlike painting, can be interactive with the viewer. You should be able to walk around it. You need to be able to physically and mentally engage it on all sides."

Awards and Accomplishments

Oct. 25, 1991: Sculpted 6 Stone Sculptures presented at the Cultural Federation of Nova Scotia's "Cultural Life Awards."

Recent Exhibitions and Shows

1999 "Show Case" Studio Rally - Pier 22, Halifax, NS
1998 Studio Rally Tour, E. Lawrencetown, NS (stone, bronze, terra cotta sculptures and pastel drawings)
1997 Laughelton Art Gallery -Christmas Show, Seaforth, NS
1997 Italian Canadian Cultural Association, Giovanni Caboto Celebration

Other Information

Company Name: Costanzo Sculpture

Category: Sculptures

Media:Wood and Stone

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