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Lori Secouler-Beaudry

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Lori  Secouler-Beaudry


Born in 1942, to two Philadelphia artists, Lori has been exposed to most art forms since she was a toddler. She laughingly recounts that in "kindergarten" at age 5, she was called to the principal's office because she happily produced a crayon nude during nap-time. The first college educated member of her family, Lori has a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Anthropology and a Ph.D. in Psychology. Art classes have always been a part of her life; watercolor and pastels were early loves, acrylic portraits a later pursuit. Photography became integral to her artistic world when she discovered that the pictures she was producing with a simple 35 mm Minolta and drugstore processing appeared remarkably professional. She began showing her work in the early 80's and has continued to startle herself and others with her emotionally evocative land and seascapes.
Along with her landscape work, much of which reflects New England and the Atlantic Provinces, Lori has produced some fascinating animal studies - utilizing themes such as motherhood and primate love. At the present time, Lori is a Professor of Psychology at St. Mary's University in Halifax, having left her New Jersey clinical practice to be with her Canadian husband, visual artist Roger Beaudry.

Recent Exhibitions and Shows

2001-2004 St. Mary's "FASS" art exhibits, Halifax, NS
2004 - "Hands Dancing," Inverness County Council for the Arts
2004-2005 "Angels Among Us", Halifax Nova Scotia YWCA Roger was also in the St. Mary's "FASS" exhibitions and the 2004 "Hands Dancing" ICCA.
2003 - Featured 3 pieces in the St. Mary's Art Exhibit
1988 - "Hot Flash" Women's Photo Co-op. (Phila., PA) First Place in Juried Exhibition of landscapes.
1991 - Tulsa County Photography Show and Sale. (Tulsa OK.) Primate Studies taken at Tulsa Zoo.
1992 - Union Institute One Woman Show. (Cincinnati, OH) New Brunswick and Cape Breton Landscapes.
1993 - Getzenstein Gallery. (Phila., PA) Photography exhibit and sale. Landscapes of London, England.
1995 - "Fredda's Family Room" Art Gallery and Showroom. (Lafayette Hill, PA) Animal studies for family learning and home display.
1997 - Silver Lake Wildlife Gallery (Bristol, PA) Second Place in Juried Exhibition of Landscapes. (Cape Breton work)
1998 - Silver Lake Wildlife Gallery (Bristol, PA) Second Place in Juried Exhibition of Landscapes (Cape Cod work)
2000 - Cookbook Covers for International KTV, Toronto. For their personal charities, this authorized "Celebrities and Their Pets" cookbook (series of three) highlights luminaries such as Oprah Winfrey, Liona Boyd, Dan Aykroyd and Prince Albert of Monaco. (done with husband, Roger Beaudry)

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