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Kris D. Zodrow

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Kris D. Zodrow


The art work presented here represents three generations of Polish-Swedish-Canadian painting artists from 1917 to present. This is a sampling of the art work from Island Home Gallery which owns over 300 paintings from these three generations of artists. The work has been until now exhibited in this privately operated art gallery which is located on the magnificent North Atlantic Island of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, home of the Cabot Trail, the Alexander Graham Bell Museum, and the historical Fortress of Louisbourg. The four artists are:
Viktor F. Berg (1917-1980) and wife Helena nee Mentel (1917-1978)
Daughter Kris Zodrow nee Berg (1942-1992)
Daughter Tanya Mia Zodrow (1971-).
Kris Zodrow inherited parental talent that is present in her daughter, Tanya M. Zodrow as well. During travels with her parents, Kris learned Spanish, Swedish, English and French. Later she studied Latin in highschool, Russian in university, and learned German while married to Erwin. However, her mother tongue was Polish. In 1959, she graduated from St. Stephen's High in Dorval, P.Q., Canada, and received a four year science scholarship for being the female student with the highest grade average in the college prep courses. Two additional academic prizes were awarded to her by the school. She attended three Canadian universities where she studied mathematics and chemistry at St. Francis Xavier University, philosophy of science at Queen's University, and developmental psychology at the University College of Cape Breton. She was a natural? and learned painting techniques, color-mixing, and objectivity from her parents. She started painting in 1968 at age 26, despite an earlier consideration not to follow in the footsteps of her painting parents. Her initial painting medium was oil. After 1973, she preferred the medium watercolor, combined with ink, pastel, metallic paint to suit her temperament. She sketched initial, and sometimes, elaborate black/white studies of nearly all of her painting subjects; some of them in charcoal. The artist was an endless experimenter trying to capture flow of color and motion, and emotion in her 650 or so mostly watercolors, which include landscapes and figures, and fantastic oceanic skies of Cape Breton Island. Apart from a painting sojourn to Sweden, Norway, Finland, Lapland, Spain, Holland, France and Germany in 1983, she spent her artistic life and energy painting in Cape Breton. Her style is free-spirited, independent, and post-modern, abstract, realistic. The paintings "By the Pond" (1985) and "Snowball Fight" (1989) received critical acclaim. She also received critical reviews in the Cape Breton Post, Nov. 1, 1984, and in THIS WEEK (University College of Cape Breton, No. 16, Feb. 8, 1991). Her paintings hang in private collections in Florida, Cape Breton Island, New Brunswick, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Montreal, Germany and Sweden. She is featured in "Life & Landscapes", 1998.

Recent Exhibitions and Shows

Baddeck Festivals of the Arts; University College of Cape Breton; Cape Breton Island;
Art Gallery of Durham, North Carolina, 1984; and Northwestern State University,
Natchitoches, Louisiana, October 1989.

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Category: Watercolors


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