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Konstantin Korobin

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Konstantin was born in Saint Petersburg in 1961. At present time the artist draws ink. The draw of filigree dot ink technique is the long way of the artist to himself, to the direction in the painting. Attempts to express the vision of the world by traditional picturesque methods did not satisfy Konstantin for long time and after many unsuccessful searches he began to use some traditional methods binding them in an unusual combination that have found new breath in his interpretation. He draws ink on a paper, as made many painters did centuries before him. Then Konstantin uses fire, allows to burn out the most part of the work to emphasize its fragility. The artist uses elements of a nature to create "The First Woman" which is the name of a serie of his paintings. Konstantin Korobin sings of female beauty as painters did centuries before him.
Paintings and lithographs by Korobin are in many private collections. Now the artist prepares for the exhibition of lithographs in Holland.

Recent Exhibitions and Shows

1999 - Russia
2000 - Russia
2001 - Russia
2001 - Hong Kong
2002 - Japan
2002 - Russia
2003 - China
2003 - Russia
2004 - Georgia
2004 - Russia

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