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Kazuhito Tatsuma known by his artist name Kaz was born March 23, 1958 in Amagasaki-City near Osaka in Japan. He studied painting briefly at the San Francisco Art Institute in 1982. In 1983 his work was exhibited at the Takamiya Art Gallery in Osaka. From 1983-4 his work was exhibited in Kobe and Tokyo. He works as artist and as a graphic designer in Japan. The Artist's Reflections on his Life and Art:
I was born in the space mixed with affection and hatred. If my memory is right, I began to draw at age of a half years old. My family had lived at mother's father's house where there was a garden. I liked to see the pine tree in the main garden. One day I wanted to draw leaves of one of the pine trees. I took a pencil and draw, but I couldn't draw. Because I used it up side down. I just made lines on a paper. It was my first drawing. And I made a decision to be an artist, when I was 6 years old. When I was 7 years old, I received an art award from Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. However, I had to given up drawing. After many years later I began to draw and went to study oil painting at San Francisco Art Institute. One year later I came back to Japan because of financial situation. In 1983 September I made my one man show at Takamiya art gallery in Osaka. And I made my one man show at small spaces of Kobe and Tokyo. Reviews were not bad, but I could not sell enough to satisfy myself. I was worried what is art. And in 1999 I found myself drawing again. I think the theme of light and shadow was finished by Picasso. And we need the new theme of the return of the source of light and shadow. The situation of a baby who was just born is the most ideal life for each person as a human being. So an artist makes art. Art is the drama how an artist makes an effort. It is the way that the artist can go back to the situation as a baby. It is like a miracle, magic and needful. Art is the individual method not collective one. An artist desires earnestly affection, which is like mother gives affection her baby just born. So an artist is a baby who longs affection, Art is the explanation of drama to find the way to reach affection. The persons who like the art are just like mother of the artist. I am thinking that a life has two conceptions. One is food, clothing and shelter as the means to live. The other is art as the object of life. Because everything benefits from the sunlight. The basic theme of Light and Shadow has been giving me a hard time. Also Picasso's Cubism hinders me from advancing. So I decided that I have to make new Cubism. The difference from Picasso's Cubism is as follows. Picasso started from the sense of light and shadow. He found that the emphasis of flat surface made perspective and a presence of objects. But mine starts from the sense of objects. I believe that a flat surface existing in a cube will connect with other flat surfaces and a cube will connect with other cubes. Also the flat surface received lights will reach the source of the lights. This new Cubism is necessary for me like meals or conversations with someone. Now I am in process. I surely like Picasso very much, but basically I respect Tiziano, and I wish that I have Rembrandt in my mind. I have a dream to be a portrait painter like them. And I will make every endeavor to complete my art.

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Media:Oil on Canvas

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