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Isabela Vasile

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Isabela  Vasile


I was born in Romania 29 years ago, in a beautiful spring, in a city on the beach...Since I was a child I use to draw animals and sell them in front of my building, to other kids. My mom used to say that I rip off the poor kids, that I take money and give them paper. It wasn't paper, it was my soul on that paper, my art. I continued to draw and paint, even if my parents didn't let me to, and i've tried to become better and better and better. I went to a private art school, for a couple of years, and after that, for 7 years all I did was art. I used to draw portraits on the street for tourists for 5 years, then I had some exibitions with my boyfriend, artist also . After, I went in Bucharest, the capital and I worked like illustrator for magazines, a lot of magazines and publishing houses, drawing illustrated books for children, coverbooks, and greeting cards. When was nothing left to do I came here, start all over again, going to college and taking a lot of workshops to become better and better and better....I worked for over 30 magazines and newspapers and few publishing houses. Now I hope I can do more that I have done there. I discovered a new hobby, photography. I hope you enjoy my art! Thank you very much!

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Category: Drawings

Media:charcoal drawing

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