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Igor Chuzhikov

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Igor Chuzhikov lives and works in the city Millerovo, Russia. The paintings were on exhibition in Cryme, Germany, and other European countries. The style of the pictures is identified as having created parallel worlds. The unusual characters and plots of the paintings catch the imagination of the viewer. The images force the viewer to fall into this unusual world he creates.
The artist is planning to travel around the world in his car, a Volga M-21. The itineary would include Moscow, Northern Europe to Great Britain, crossing the Atlantic by sea to Canada, USA, Central America, Columbia, Peru, Chili, crossing the Pacific to Australia, South-Eastern Asia, India, Egypt, North Africa, Gibraltar and back to Southern Europe. His tour will be covered on TV and in magazines. He decided to do this tour in order to create 300 to 400 paintings depicting the entire world. After each stage of the tour, art shows will be arranged. Upon completing the tour, large and a book describing the world tour, as well as other materials will be published. If promoted on a large scale, this project would easily pay back.
Funds raised from the sale of paintings on this site will be used to help Igor finance the cost of the tour.

His Work Was Featured in the Following Publications:
"Collocutor" (RUSSIA) N45,1990
"Flicker" (RUSSIA) N45,1990; N21 1991
"Oracle" (RUSSIA) 1994,1995,1996
"Izograf" (RUSSIA) 1997
"Knek" (Belgium, France, Holland)

Recent Exhibitions and Shows

Ukraine, Russia (Moscow)1991
Belgium 1992
Russia (Moscow), USA 1997

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