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Gennady Zmitrovich

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Has finished art school at the Academy of arts.
1982. Has ended philosophical faculty of the State University.
1986. Has ended sculptural faculty of the Academy of arts.
1990. It is accepted in the Union of artists of Russia.
Since 1985. Took part in city, zone and international exhibitions.
1986. Worked in experimental sculpture-industrial combine.
Since 1989. Works in Mariinsk theatre
(sculptures to performances
'the Sleeping beauty', 'Romeo and the Juliet',
'the Legend on invisible hailstones Kitige',
'Katerina Izmaylov', 'Don Karlos', 'Firebird',
'War and peace').

Personal exhibitions:
1980. The Leningrad state university
1988. University of technology and design
1990 the Movie centre Leningrad
1993. A museum of a history of city
1994. A summer garden
1995, 96. The house of the journalist

The most known works:
1985 L.Bogdanovu's Monument (the Pskov region)
1985. A memorial board in institute him Palmiro Tolyatti 1988 Sculpture Zoi ›osmodemjanskoj (Z.Kosmodemjanskoj's museum
in the Moscow region)
1992. Peter I (school him Frunze in Saint Petersburg;
Pushkin the center to Antwerp, Belgium)
1997. C.Berdu's memorial board
1997. Honourable prize 'Atlant'
(for the organization 'the Gold book of Saint Petersburg')
Works are got museums and in private collections of Russia, the USA, Finland, Belgium.

Other Information

Category: Paintings

Media:Oil on Canvas

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