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George Allan Markley

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George Allan Markley


Born in Honolulu Hawaii, 1941, I grew up in Denver and Tucson, then moved to San Francisco where I spent the next 25 years. Three times college dropout, in Music, Chemical Engineering, and Literature. Self educated, selectively well read. My taste in both music and literature is very catholic. My hobbies are backpacking, reading and, it seems, taking snaps. In San Francisco I happened to be living in the Haight and got swept up with the Flower Children. It was a very short but absolutely vital time in my life. I've taken lots of dope of the psycho tropic variety, mostly marijuana and LSD. For the past 20 years I've been about as pure as new fallen snow. But I still get high. You figure it out. My work experience has been varied: bus boy, orderly, bathhouse attendant, parking lot attendant, typewriter repairman-- to name a few. For the last 15 years I've made my living house painting, and that's where I'm at now, except that caring for an invalid mother and elderly aunt seems to be taking up most of my time. I am not an artist, though I've spent most of my adult life amongst creative people. About a year ago I started taking snaps with my new toy, a very cheap digital camera. This was mostly on my morning walks. When I noticed that the pictures were turning out more like paintings than photographs, I ran with it. I sent the best and most interesting pictures to my friends and the response was very positive. On a whim I sent a snap to this gallery and to my amazement was offered the opportunity to put some of my photos on display. So here I am.

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Category: Photography


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