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Enos Venturi

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Enos  Venturi


Enos Venturi, 46 years old, married to Fosca, two children, Marco, 8 years old (good musician) and Francesco, 13 years old (computer enthusiast). Resident in Borzano, small country village in the north of Italy, 180 kilometres from Venice, 150 kilometres from Florence, 452 kilometres from Rome, 6,000 kilometers from New York, etc. Being a painter is my reason to live, my only problem is to live from my painting. To arrive at the latter, it is necessary to organise exhibitions, know important people, gallery owners and famous art critics. Once all this has been accomplished, it is still necessary to make compromises. I have, therefore, decided to market my work, executed with effort and honesty in the countryside where I have always lived, and which I consider as my world.
Reproduction of masterpieces: Famous painters have created the history of art. I spent pleasant hours reproducing their paintings.
During those moments, I felt as if I were in their presence. Because of this it was said of my work "......... dedicating oneself to reproducing famous masterpieces and arriving at mutual feeling is more than exciting............"
I know that quite difficult to choose a painting by video, that is why the person who decides to buy one of my paintings will have the possibility if they are dissatished, to return the painting. I do not want to displease anyone.

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Category: Paintings

Media:Oil on Canvas

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