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Elene Tsitlanadze

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Elene  Tsitlanadze


Elene is an artist from Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia.She is 38 years old and has a little beautiful daughter, Ana. At an early age she played the piano very well, everybody thought that she would become pianist. However, she later decided to enter architect school and graduated with great success. While working at the Project Institute, she found that the work did not appeal to her. Later during a period of Georgian economic difficulties, she like many others found herself without work. Not wanting to waste her life, she began to study knitting gobelins. Even today when she has free time she likes to paint in oil and watercolor and would often sew wonderful dresses for herself and her daughter for special occasions. It was these things which increased her interest in art and she loved visiting the local galleries.
In 1999 after seeing an exhibition of handmade dolls, she realized what she wanted to do. Though it has been only two years, since she began working as a self-taught doll artist, her work has been in several exhibitions and received much success in association with these shows. She has made 30 dolls and still continues this work. She really enjoys working as a doll artist and sees it as her calling.
Her dolls are each hand-made and come as one-figured, two-figured or mult-figured compositions. The heads and hands of the dolls are made of clay. Different kinds of materials, such as lace, decorative and hand-made flowers, beads and bijouterie, as well as dry branches and plants are used for the dresses and the composition.

Recent Exhibitions and Shows

"Georgian Handicraft Exhibition" -September 1999, Tbilisi, N Gallery.
"The Exhibition of Self-Taught Women Works" -November 1999, Tbilisi, Blue Gallery.
"Christmas Exhibition" - December 1999, Tbilisi, Georgian Arts and Culture Center.
Personal Exhibition -March 2000, Tbilisi, Re-action
Personal Exhibition -April 2000, Tbilisi, UN house.
"Exhibition Devoted to International Tourism" -May 2000, Tbilisi

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