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Elene Opolska

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Artist Elena Opolska was born in 1972 in the city Vinnitsa, UkrAine. In childhood, attended studio of art. In 1994 completed the institute of art in Odessa and stood a professional artist. Specializes in paintings of silk using melted wax (hot-batik painting).
Exclusive painting on silk.
The technique involved in there paintings is placing the colour on silk just once. The shades of the colour used are gradually increased from a lighter one to the darkest. In order to prevent the spreading of the colour, it is surrounded by a coat of wax around the area. Before placing the next colour, the cloth is steamed in order to melt away the wax. Once the wax melts, the next colour can be used. This way, the meded number of colours is used one by one. One piece of such an art can take as long as a month. Once this process is complete, any minute details are edged using a contouring pencil. With the help of this technique (hot batic), the paintings are given bright and rich colours. The colours used here are very resistant and cannot be washed away. Of course, the brightness and the original richness of the painting cannot be shown in the photographs. Hope there paintings would the first of their type over seen by you. They ask me Is this water colour or oil on paper? I say No! It s a piece of silk On this everyone infact gets eager to touch it in real.

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Category: Paintings

Media:On Silk

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