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Eric Louis

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Eric  Louis


We exist in and around others. The search for who we are, for what we are as individuals, always begins with the investigation of those others that surround our lives. The "bubble of space" or proximity comfort levels that we are contained in are probed and prodded by friends, family and strangers, not necessarily in an attempt to know us but to define what we are and in so doing to determine what they are not. All human contact can be distilled to the question of identity. In the paintings, I isolate and reproduce examples of these "social experiments" whether brought on by others or experienced subjectively through me, the artist still being a part of the human condition. In conceiving these works I highlight people in action, or the results of them and justify this creation by contributing new imagery to the dialogue of human existence, albeit on an intimate level. Although not always "pretty" in their imagery, I aim to create beautiful things. It is my belief that beauty can "slip through" the mental barricades we are forced to erect to protect ourselves from the barrage of imagery thrown at us on a near continuous basis. Art, in essence, always asks for a person's attention, which is fragile and precious, considering how sparingly we portion it out. For art to exist, for it to attract our attention and hold it, it must be both poignant and beautiful, it must be worth the time that the artist asks from the viewer, from the public, from the people for whom it was made.

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Category: Paintings

Media:Oil on Canvas

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