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Eduard Ghazaryan

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Eduard  Ghazaryan


Famous Armenian micro miniaturist Eduard Kazaryan is considered to be the founder of micro miniaturist art. In former Soviet Republic.
He was born in Yerevan, got high education, was a concertmaster in Armenian Philharmonic for a long time.
First works were shown in Yerevan half century ago, in 1947 in National Art Museum. Eduard Kazaryan created about 600 works and they are also known all over the world. In different time the micro masterpieces E.Kazarian have received to I. Stalin, N.Chrushev, Bros Tito, Janise Khaddar, Ho Shi Min, Honaker, Rockefeller, Queen of England Elizabeth II and the others. A lot of works of the author were gifted to different governments in a sign of peace and friendship between our countries.
Armenian micro miniaturist was in many countries with his exhibitions and everywhere they made a deep impression on everybody. In 1977 Eduard Kazaryan showed his works in Armenian pavilion of Soviet exhibition in Los-Angeles (USA). American visitors of exhibition called his works "the eight world magic". (Los Angeles Times Mon., Nov.21, 1977)
In micro technical art E.Kazaryan has created a new direction as a moving micro figures, which for the first time was demonstrated in Moscow and among them was working "TV set" inside of human hair. The micro jobs with driven figures not only cannot repeat others but also are at a loss to explain a nature them even the scientists.
In 1954 E.Kazarian for the first time "has opened" for him such material, as a gray-haired human hair, inside which he placed the micro figures or this hair lengthways sawed and on one of received side had the whole art compositions.
E. Kazaryan is known not only as a wonderful micro miniaturist master but also as a gifted caricaturist.
E. Kazaryan is known as a talented Violin master-innovator in many musical societies. On the instruments, made by him, play many famous musicians. He created a violin-pompous of I. S. Bach and a single quarter of unique instruments "Dvin". Why Dvin? Because it was one of the capitals of ancient Armenia.

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Category: Miniature Art

Media:Mixed Media

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