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Emily Falencki

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Emily  Falencki


Emily Falencki was born in 1972. She was raised in New York City and received her Bachelor of Arts degree in 1994 from Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, N.Y. She has worked as an assistant to several artists including Richard Avedon, Jean Pagliuso, and Amy Arbus. Emily has worked as an assistant education coordinator at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York. In 1994 she was employed as an assistant to the contributing editor for the publication, Art in America. In 1997 she worked for the estate of Diane Arbus, archiving that collection. Emily taught photography at the Muki Baum School of Arts in Toronto from 1998 to 1999. In 2001, Emily obtained a Bachelor degree in Fine arts at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, with a major in studio painting.

Artist's Statement:

In my paintings I always leave something unfinished. I explore the relationship of who we are versus what we present to the world. I examine our culture's increasingly schizophrenic notion of a self split from each other and our surroundings. My figures sometimes have no face or location. Sometimes only half a body, an arm or leg is depicted. This action of absence opens the reading. It can be any face or anyplace. Sometimes the person has vanished from their clothes, underlining the split between identity and desire. In an effort to accentuate the difference between the action of looking and being looked at, the full construction of the image is left to the viewer. I am questioning and exploring moments in the expected formation of a person in our increasingly bizarre culture. I am interested in investigating the existing stuctures of representation as a critique but also as a celebration.
-----Emily Falencki

Awards and Accomplishments

Silver Governor General Medal, 2001

Joseph Bueys Memorial Scholarship, Fall 2001

Endowment Scholarship form the A.Murray Mackay Fund, Fall 2001

Other Information


Category: Mixed Media

Media:Mixed Techniques

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