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Dick Wielemaker

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Dick Wielemaker, born 1965 in Middelburg, nowadays living in Breda Netherlands.

- Technical College Eindhoven, civil technic 1981-1988
- Art Academie Den Bosch 1988-1992

- WIK (Governmental Att Fund)
- NoordBrabant Art Fund Society
Member of:
- BOA Breda
- VBBKZN (society professional artists Southern Netherlands)
- KMWB (Art Society Western Brabant)
His work is placed at private persons by local Art Exchange Clubs.
Dick gets his inspiration from
- journeys to Africa (Gambia, 1999,2000, Tunesia 2001,2002, Egypt 2003,2004)
- misteries of ancient culture and art
- nature, deserts, jungles
- associations between "Old" and "New" world,like Mistery Hil (USA), Stonehenge (GB)

He is always looking for connections from the present times with the art of ancient cultures of the Stone Age and tries to transform those misteries into his own nowadays world and future.

Main Exhibitions:
1993: Galery Art Matters
1994: Open Gallery Breda
1995: Holland Casino Breda
1996: Arena-project Breda
1997: Zomersalon Tilburg
1998: Breda Twon Hall
1999: Gallery Retort Amsterdam
2000: Galery Sigarenfabriek Delft
2001: SummerSalon Breda
2002: "Grote Kerk" Breda
2003: Karkul Den Bosch
2004: Art Shop Den Bosch, Menmoerhoeve EttenLeur

Other Information

Category: Paintings

Media:Oil on Canvas

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