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Alphonse D. Heye

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Alphonse D. Heye


Born in 1955 in Sluis (Netherlands), but spend his childhood in Sint-Martens-Latem near Gent (Belgium). He spend many times in the studios of local Gent artists and there he got the love for art and learned how to put his impressions on paintings. He is a true auto-didact, but to educate his technical abilities he studied Graphics Design at the Technical Institute in Gent. Through his summer-exhibitions in Holland and Belgium he became a well-respected contemporary impressionist.

Working in an inspiring green countryside of Eede (Netherlands) and St-Martins-Latem (Gent, Belgium) he finds the inspiration to prove his relation with nature. With the thematic feeling of the landscape, scenes of a garden, a pond or meadow with animals he shows his passionate love for his environment. In each painting he describes the “fairy” world of green beauty, in which he creates, with a harmony of colours and light, very realistic a fascinating view. His work is regarded as impressionism, but of a modern design and with a little touch of expressionism. His powerful way of painting and his colourful design depicts these aspects.

In his childhood he spends lots of time in the studios of the last generation of painters of the well-known Latem-school, where he learned expressionism in its full extend. With a symphony of green colours Alphonse is able to create a fascinating view of an environment, which touched him deeply. His exceptional drive for perfection to create with an osmose of tranquillity and well finding, a composition, which enables the viewer to make his own dreams. He does not search for special effects, but he succeeds to recall to the viewer on each painting a warm atmosphere, through a special combination of light and shadow. His art is based on the love for nature and shows suggestively direction to men and his cosmos. With a very sensible eye for beauty he succeeds to create a poetic scene. Alphonse’s pictorial oeuvre is fascinating, sensual and also reflects an open play of spontaneous, but high qualified creativity

A painter doesn't choose for the art of painting. A painter is being chosen by de art of painting. Looking back at the life and art paintings from Alphonse D'Heye these words are rare. For years Alphonse D'Heye had a kind of affair with the art of painting, a flirt maybe. After this, an new consciousness grew. And within this consciousness, the painting manifested on a swinging way and hereby the painting for Alphonse D'Heye…with years of enthusiasm he paints what he knows for best: the nature around him, de landscapes and his beautiful old garden. Gradually Alphonse moves away of the decorative, but clearly use of colour, austerity and intensely identification with the close of his subjects. Choosen for the art of painting, Alphonse D'Heye has finally, ...finally...found his destination!..."
Jan D'Haese - Artcritic, Sint-Martens-Latem, June 2001

"Alphonse D'Heye always tries to make contact with the local people. I would like to call him an artistic traveller with the preference for impressions of nature. He pensels art in oil on canvas. Collecting art to sculptures, paintings and antique which he likes, or even better, fits in his vision of life. A vision of life which he adopted in his forties after a serious illness, which he luckily survived and showed him the truth values of life. From the moment he turned 20, Alphonse could not sit down anymore. The world was his home. Other cultures, people, business and habits of life appealed to him. He searched for spiritual expanding in many countries on this globe. Openness and friendliness, even sometime a vision of life with peace he searched and found in India. A country where passion is in his stories and gave him a magnificent set of photo impressions. Alphonse lived for a month in the Indian Rajasthan, a part of Pakistan. This way, he could have a glance in the way of life from these people. Also going back-stage in temples of Hindoes to view the religion life of them. Hindoepriests, children, gards of graves of the Maharadja and even normal people living in the street posed for him, which gave him a set of pictures in a unknown set of colours. These are views of a country wich are not close to us. He brings them to us."
Jean BUYLE, reporter "Het Blad" Gent, mai 1996

Essay artpainter Alphonse D'Heye
"The sensefull world of the art became very collective. The individual of the painter is the way of representing, his view, his style, and his quality. Even when the time schedule, the trend and the mentality changes very quickly,…still, some values and the aesthetic feeling by most of the people are kept existing. Therefore the admiration of the impressionistic painting stays timeless en alive through de 20 century. De art of landscapes paintings is here a common used and non- exhausting subject. Many artists, even younger and old ones, are likely using this way of painting, which appears, calmness, peace, beauty and intimity. Also, Alphonse D'Heye; his work appears a kind of love for the nature, his own place of birth, the landscape. In a harmonical totality the laws of the universum are king. He's has got the wish to combine painting and joy of living and to let them become one. He tries to make a reality of the moving clouds, water, meadows, gardens, trees, etc.... He works like an architect in building and balance and reaches the magie. The painter Paul Gaugin writes in one of the chapters of his book 'NOA-NOA': c'est l'enseignement meme des sieecles qu'on ne prend rien á la Nature avec les mains; nul autre recours que de la recreer par notre sensibilité et notre intelligence, telle qu'elle nous apparait." Alphonse D'Heye paints on quit a classic way but with lots of colour. It's the colour which makes the light and gives the shape. He builds with precise, metrically place of the tests. He shapes his own world, does pursuit to photographic reality. A contrary. He reorganise this reality to his own model and a certain distance. His love for painting, the act itself is notable. Construction and building is necessary. A skyline as well. As a view in the field? The border line between heaven and earth. Instinct is a very important note here. Carpe diem. The search to depth as a thirth dimension. His work was always and will stay classic, not innovative, but always sensefull which always reflect the inner feeling. Alphonse D'Heye has the power to paint his landscapes with a lot of peace and freshness which results in a very new and strange of beauty. "
Dr. Bedet Simon - Artcritic, mei 1999.

The Green world of Alphonse D'Heye
"A huge portion of green is the first impression of the exhibited artpaintings of the painter Alphonse D'Heye. Is it the love for nature which drives this painter or is it the pensels of rural views which gives the man some inner peace? Probably it's a combination of both which forces D'Heye to play with green and light. See the natural light floating together with a ray of sunlight. Also the richness of shade does not hold D'Heye back when painting on canvas. Nuances of green are probably non-exhausting for Alphonse, we even didn't know there were so many of them, or ...we didn't noticed them until we saw the art of Alphonse D'Heye. The peace of the landscape seems a good description for me for the arts of Alphonse D'Heye. Mostly, it's the nearby landscape he shows us, in fragments, pieces of a wide landscape,...nevertheless if it's the 'Leie' or an unknown swamp. Formerly, animals were very rear in his work, but it seems to change. Humans are almost not excisting in the artwork of Alphonse. When they are, they're free of stress and full of energy!" Jean Buyle - reporter Roularta Group

Every year summer-exhibitions in Belgian coast: Koksijde, Casinos at Blankenberge and Middelkerke

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Category: Paintings

Media:Oil on Canvas

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