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Avery Chan

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Avery  Chan


Avery Chan, born in 1972. She started painting in 1992 under the guidance of artist Chan Kai Yin, a famous illustrator. She got her BA in printmaking and visual theory from Deakin University, Australia in 1999. Although her major was printmaking, she is also strong in watercolors, oils, pastels and unique staple sculpturing.
For her, the everyday experience plays an important part in her creative process. She gets her idea from a sentence in literature; from a story of folklore; from the contact with her friends and relatives; from walking in the street to enjoy the surrounding happening. Mushroom plays an important part in her painting, too. The painting "Longevity" is about the Chinese God of Longevity with mushrooms - Shiitake and Flying agaric. Shiitake is regarded to prolong the life in Chinese culture and Flying agaric is a key to access the happy status in Western culture. She counts art is for inducing knowledge, for enhancing her mind and for enjoying life. In the creative process, usually, she lets the mind goes to its own way. At the end, the painting might tell something shocked to the artist and get the point for communication between Avery and her audience. This is what Avery desires. The medium of her painting is watercolor. Her watercolor mixes with Chinese painting technique. In fact, she uses Chinese brush to paint instead of watercolor brush. The difference is Chinese brush will absorb water more and it can be used as straight head (to hold the brush in 45 degree) or side head (to hold the brush in 180 degree). So the control would be flexible more. Again, mushroom houses represent Avery's feeling and knowledge for each friend. The mushroom house with dragon represent the artist herself. In this painting, there are many Chinese symbolisms such as dragon symbolizes energetic, the quantity of mushroom symbolizes the closure of relationship with friends, the light beside some houses represents that friend can help Avery to solve the problem and question. After came back from Australia, Avery believes Internet is a good place to promote her art. She has had successful experiences in selling her art. Collectors of her work have been from USA, Britain, Czech Republic, Australia, China and Hong Kong. By Internet, she also has a chance to exhibit her work in Denmark gallery with other artists all over world. To Avery, to held an exhibition in different countries once would be an interesting experience. Till now, she has exhibited her artwork in America, Australia and Denmark.

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Category: Watercolors


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