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Conrad Furey

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Conrad  Furey


Born in Baie Verte, in 1954, in Newfoundland, he is known for his expressionist representational works.
His solo show at Torbolton Oaks Gallery was reviewed by Nancy Baele of the Ottawa Citizen (1981) as follows, "Northern light floods the exhibition area and intensifies the primary colors favored by the artist. In addition to the bright colors of the works, the viewer is struck by the expressive qualities of the objects and stocky figures that form the compositions. Although Furey has lived for several years in Hamilton, his roots are in Newfoundland, and his work, like that of David Blackwood, has an unmistakable sense of place. It surfaces explicitly in the historical narrative work titled Resettlement and in the scenes of human activities Card Players, Pool Players, and Lady with a Carriage. The Resettlement paintings refer to Joey Smallwood's repopulation scheme in the 60's when residents of the outports were moved to more densely-populated areas to make it easier to administer government programs. Houses were literally floated to new locations. Furey has shorn an impassioned political statement of dogma by imbuing the image of a house floating on water, mirrored by its own wavering reflection with wrenching psychological sense of dislocation. It is a remarkable feat. In the same way his large stocky figures appear both stoic and questioning. The horizontally tilted heads, the strong leg and other movements create a compositional energy that goes beyond mere gestural significance."
Furey has worked in oils, acrylic, watercolours and mixed media.
He exhibited in a two-artist show at the Canvas Gal., Hamilton (1977) and a number of juried group shows as well as more recent solo exhibitions.
He resides in Hamilton, Ontario.

Awards and Accomplishments

He completed a mural for Gore Park, commissioned by the City of Hamilton. He was awarded two Purchase Prizes at the "Art Hamilton" exhibitions. He is represented in the collection of the Hamilton City Hall and a number of private collections.

-Colin S. Macdonald, Dictionary of Canadian Artists

Other Information

Category: Paintings

Media:Acrylic on wood

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