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Carolyn Ritchie Bedford

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Carolyn Ritchie Bedford comes from a family of artistic endeavors and her father inspired her art interest with his own photography business. Her outlook on life and political bent comes from her lifestyle as an air force child having to move many times including a stint overseas. Carolyn attended an art high school reminiscing of the show Fame, incorporating various arts and general curriculum, as it was taught my artists and gave a years credit to art university upon graduation.

Carolyn continued her education by work and example while married with children and traveling some more. Finally settling in the Maritimes and Newfoundland for many years now, she began her serious attempt at a career in professional art. Most of her time has been in Nova Scotia, primarily Cape Breton, where she continued to show at solo and group exhibitions, also teaching and participating in the provincial board of arts council, VANS.

Looking outward and networking with out of province and country artists as well as working in her community to foster the understanding of the arts, Carolyn branched out to bronze and clay sculpture learning the process and operating her own studio foundry. Continuing with the painting as well, she extended her range to complete a public art sculpture wall for a new Civic Centre in Port Hawkesbury. Titled the ?Village Well? she did a site-specific piece to celebrate the people of the community as its main resource for the future with a water wall supporting a family grouping of busts and hands. She wishes to continue to challenge herself with public art pieces as well as work toward a new exhibit of her smaller sculptural pieces.

Carolyn also continues to promote art appreciation by engaging in bronze pour demonstrations for the Congres Mondial in 2004 and for art workshops in Pictou. She and her husband, builder of the furnace and foundry master, continue to do demonstrations and now workshops to teach the process of lost wax bronze.

Art Philosophy
Carolyn Ritchie Bedford believes art should stir the emotions of the viewer. Art should be a cerebral experience and leave the viewer with feeling and thought after the painting is no longer before them. Because the painting is two dimensional and often not tactile or available to touch, the work must reach out and impact the viewer.
Carolyn Ritchie Bedford likes her art to speak about her time and record the feelings of that era. Carolyn Ritchie Bedford captures emotion and movement in the loose line and multi-colours she sees in objects and persons. This is achieved by using live models and working out on site where movement and light never freezes for the painting moment. This translates into raw energy in the line, perspective, and colour Carolyn Ritchie Bedford applies to her large canvasses. This effect and the subject matter make for a powerful work that holds the viewer. Carolyn Ritchie Bedford's work has been described as social commentary, strong, powerful, contemporary, figurative, impressionist, and expressive. But a wise viewer will spend a good amount of time to see everything in the work and the irony and humour that is often hidden from the first view.
Carolyn Ritchie Bedford's topics vary, from political, social, feminist, environmental. But because she uses many young models her work often speaks on youth topics. Most of Carolyn Ritchie Bedford's insights come from personal experiences and this is where the life and energy in her work truly originates.
Present-1993 - PAINTS program VANS, Strait area Recreation Dept., Port Hawkesbury, N.S. Art Teacher for youths and adults. Present volunteer art classes, Port Hawkesbury Nursing Home
1999-1996 volunteer design art work Carleton U, Ottawa, engineering dept.
1998 -commission by Carleton U. for Micheal Cowpland, Corel Corp.
1997 - coordinator Artscape 97 art symposium, Port Hawkesbury, NS

Awards and Accomplishments

2000 - ATV News Review- Monuments & Icons-Review-The Chronicle Herald newspaper
Present - 1998 apprenticeship in bronze sculpture with John Beckley, USA
1988-1990 Visual Arts Nova Scotia - Area Representative

Recent Exhibitions and Shows

1999-July-Aug UCCB -7 women group show Seven Sisters, review VANS Magazine
1999-Oct - The Trade in time exhibit, Point Tupper Heritage Museum
Presently working on new solo exhibit for March 2000, UCCB
Presently working on photo, video, sculpture exhibit Mentors-From Hand to Hand, UCCB 2002
1999- 1998 Far & Wide group exhibit, Art Gallery NS, review VANS and SHUMPIKLNG
2000 - Insight Gallery - Group Regional Vans - Sdyney
2000 "Monuments & Icons" UCCB solo exhibit
1997 - Images & Reflections group exhibit, University College of Cape Breton NS
1995-group travelling exhibit Dunk City Co-op "Doing What Comes Nationally"
1994 Oct-Nov Solo Exhibit, "Inside Spaces" - Chronicle Herald Elissa Bernard review
1992-1994 Co-Founder Atlantic Arts Alliance Co-op
1992-1994 Group Exhibits - Atlantic Arts Alliance Co-op
1991-1992 Dunk City Artists Co-op-Group Exhibits
1986-1988 Atlantic Winter Fair -Group Exhibits
1986-Pratt & Whitney Art Exhibit
1986-1990 Various Group Art Exhibits, Arts Groups & Competitions

Other Information

Category: Paintings

Media:Acrylic on Canvas

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