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Blair MacLean

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Blair  MacLean


Blair has been creating grain art works for the past twenty years. Grain paintings of his can be found in Russia, Japan, Italy, Belgium. the U.S. and Canada. There is a universal appeal to his work and all who see them are deeply moved by the experience.
One of only 13 commercial artists in the Canadian Armed Forces, Blair learned the commercial art trade there before moving on to have his own art design company in Winnipeg. Being a man of many talents, he taught himself to play guitar and soon was performing with various bands. This soon became full time for him and he went on to develop a thirty year career as a professional comedian and performer. His art though has always been his greatest passion.
He has developed grain art into a unique and incredibly beautiful medium. By applying individual seeds of grain to a wooden or plexiglas background, he creates a grain tapestry that is truly breathtaking.
Many of the pieces sold over the past have been commissioned works. The Canadian Wheat Board displays a number of pieces at its Winnipeg offices, all of which were commissioned.
Commissioned works require a 50% deposit in advance. Production time varies with each piece but most can be complete in three to six months.

About the Grains Used
Wheat, canola, flax, barley, oats, poppy seeds, rye, alfalfa and mustard seeds have been used in the creation of this work. All are natural. None are painted or altered in any way. They are affixed to the background with glue. The whole piece is then sprayed with varnish to preserve it.

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