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Ivo Blasi

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Ivo Blasi lived many years in Italy, where he attended several art courses, one of them has Bartoli as a teacher. When he came back to Brazil, he attended "Escola Paulista de Belas Artes" where he became disciple of Theodoro Braga, Joaquim da Rocha Ferreira, among others. He also attended the "Associa??o Paulista de Belas Artes", where he was oriented by Innoc?ncio Borghese.
We can feel every little beat of Italy through his art pieces, whether they are country houses, sea landscapes or Italian fairs where people can eat fish out-doors. It is noticed he prefers European themes likely due to his stay in Italy, particulary Napoli, Venice, Amalfi and Bagnoli (specially Nisida Island). Most painters finish their work in surreal style, this artist, on the contrary, started by surrealism for it challenges the artist because it does not have pre-elaborated themes which help the beginning of the painting.
He is somewhat influenced by Modigliani, Van Gogh, Durval Pereira and Classic paintings
The artist already made collective exhibition with Pablo Picasso, Oct?vio de Araujo and Victor Campanella. He is very awarded in Brazil.
Critics in Brasil regard him as the best brasillian painter of seascapes.

Individual Exhibitions
1978 - Indianapolis Gallery ? San Paulo - SP
1979- Official Art Hall of Display in YMCA? Sorocaba ? SP
-Council House of San Paulo ? SP
1980- Official Art Hall of Display in YMCA ? Sorocaba ? SP
- Public Secretary Association ? San Paulo - SP
1983- Athletic Club Paulistano ? San Paulo - SP
1986- Special Guest in Art National Hall of Display ? San Paulo ? Rio Grande do Sul sponsored by Art and Science Brazilian Academy - SP
- Confraternization of the 80th Anniversary of Athletic Club in Ipiranga ? San Paulo - SP
1988- Art and Painting Gallery ? San Paulo - SP
1996- Zahle in commemoration of Ivo Blasi?s 50 years of painting ? San Paulo - SP

Collective Exhibition
1976- National Art Biennial Exhibition in Ibirapuera ? San Paulo - SP
1978- Brazilian Book House ? San Paulo - SP
- 5th World Congress Collegium Internationale Chirurgia ? San Paulo - SP
- 5th Student Exposition Stand Faber Castell ? San Paulo - SP
- 6th Art National Hall of Display of Taubat? - SP
- 1st Official Art National Hall of Display in YMCA ? Sorocaba - SP
- 3rd Contemporary Art Hall of Display in AAP ? Jundia? - SP
- 14th Art Hall of Display ? Itapetininga - SP
- 1st Art Hall of Display ? San Jo?o do Meriti - RJ
1979 - 3rd Art Hall of Display ? Araras - SP
- 1st Art Hall of Display - Jacare? ? SP
- 1st Art Hall of Display ? Po? ? SP
- 5th Official Hall of Display ? Rio Claro - SP
- 29th Art Municipal Hall of Display ? Juiz de Fora - MG
- 3rd Drawing Association and Brazilian Press Association Hall ? Rio de Janeiro - RJ
1986- "Seven Painters and their techniques" by "Portal" Art Gallery - San Paulo - SP
- Chelsea Art Gallery ? Monfarrej Sheraton Hotel ? San Paulo - SP
- 1st Art and Leisure Encounter ? Bologna Hotel ? Campos de Jord?o - SP
1987 - "Anima" Art Space ? San Paulo - SP
1990 - Centre de Difiusion Artistique ? Paris - France
1993 - Cultural Space "Buffet Erico" ? San Paulo - SP
1994 - Du Moulin da La Galette ? Paris - France
1999 - Art Gallery "Fin?arte"- San Paulo - SP

Other Information

Category: Paintings

Media:Oil on Canvas

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