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Bay Life Art

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In a studio overlooking a pristine bay in Nova Scotia, Canada, two artists paint images of wildlife including endangered species such as humpback whales on pieces of slate.
The company is Bay Life Art Limited, founded near St. Margaret's Bay Nova Scotia. Lee and Neal began the business by selling to local gift shops. The market has since rapidly expanded to include all of Canada, the east and west coasts of the United States including Alaska and Hawaii, and recently Japan.
The 300 million year old slate is hand gathered from a small quarry in Nova Scotia overlooking the Bay of Fundy. Neal first airbrushes a composition dictated by the natural contour, texture and shape of the slate. Dramatic lighting and colors of sky, land, and sea convey both mystery and peace. Lee then works the painting with brush detail, giving each animal a sense of gentleness and individuality. Because both artists work each painting, you will see that your slate is signed "Lee. Neal". When Lee and Neal began working together, it was decided they would try painting something they both loved. Lee had previously worked with slate and both artists responded to the natural rock. The fragile beauty of the country and the wildlife it shelters, led them to the paintings you see today. "We have been successful because we touched on an idea which appeals to all peoples - wildlife within its natural environment." Together these two artists lead you into the magic that is nature.
About the Artists
Neal Doucette has her BFA and MFA, and has taught drawing, design and painting in a small college in Virginia, USA. There she continued with her painting and sold her work. After moving to Nova Scotia with her Canadian husband and two children, she continued her career as an artist.
Lee Hopkins is a native of Nova Scotia, and lives in Halifax with her husband and three children. She has her BA and studied art for eight years, before she began working as an artist for a local company. She sold her own art locally, and spent two years working for an environmental organization which peaked her interest in painting wildlife.

Other Information

Company Name: Bay Life Art


Category: Paintings on Slate

Media:Acrylic on Slate

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