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Angelo Vadala

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Angelo  Vadala


Angelo Vadala has started painting when he was only 12. At the age of 18 he went away from Sicily and he comes to live and study in Florence officially to attend University but actually for the love of Art. He love Florence to him no other town in the world has such density and quality of Art. In Florence he developed his talent studying the Renaissance art masters in the museums from the Michelangelo's force of human form in motion to the Caravaggio's reality and finesse of shadows and lights.
He has been essentially a self-learner, with a scrupulous attention to mastering the artistic technique. For a long period in the 70s he continuously studied hands as he used to say "Hands have millions of positions, if you are able to draw well hands you can draw everything".
The first period subjects were tied to the contemporary reality and are painted with a natural realism united to symbolism and spiritual depth. The artistic maturity of Angelo Vadala coincide with the discovery in the early 80s of neo-classical and orientalist figurative masterpieces as Alma Tadema e Sartorio. Angelo Vadala's mythological figures as centaurs, muses, winged creatures, odalisques are painted in active, romantic and sensual poses. Magnificent landscapes are full of dream and enchantment, animals as Arab horses and leopards are symbols of energy that transcends the mere images, the beauty of luxuriant female corps is spiritual aspiration to harmony.
Angelo Vadala has an incredible capacity to use different media. He masters acrylic and oil paintings, ink and pastel drawings, watercolour, wood, bronze and alabaster sculptures, frescos and murals. He is considered one of the most talented corporate and family portrait artists.
The artistic honours and exhibitions during the 40 years career as international artist give Angelo Vadala's art the credibility to hang in the most prestigious corporate and private collections throughout the world.
Angelo Vadala lives and works in Florence and Milan and travel often in the USA for exhibitions and works.

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Category: Paintings

Media:Oil on Canvas

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